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About Us

Hi everyone, We started the business because of our love for pets. We use all safe ingredients either homegrown or organic. 


One of our dogs Spirit was really sick and he wouldn't eat. So we decided to try and make up treats that would help him. We had done a lot of research on what is good and bad for the animals. He started to eat the treats and after a couple of weeks he was feeling better. He would eat his food again.  Now we give him a couple treats a day. 

We started out with treats, We are working on new recipes. We can do hard or soft treats. We expanded to Nail clinic. I am a certified groomer. We also do pupcakes and cat treats.  Plus we are planning on trying some toys.  We are just a small family business hoping to expand.  We feel our pets are part of our family. 


This is Spirit, He looks a lot better then he did. 

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